12 Foods that cause Chronic Disease and Cancer – Dr Peter Glidden, ND

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Dr Glidden is considered one of the top ND’s in the country. These foods are BAD! They cause nutritional deficiencies, chronic disease, inflammation and cancer:

Oil in a bottle
Fried Foods
Well Done Meats
Meats with Nitrates
Skins of Baked Potatoes, Yams and Sweet Potatoes
All carbonated Beverages with a Meal

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If you eat these foods the net negative effects will cause something to breakdown in your body. Whole grains damage the digestive tract, the more whole grains you eat the less nutrients your body will be able to absorb, and all chronic diseases are directly related to nutritional deficiencies. The more whole grains you eat the more likely you are to suffer from a chronic disease. Deep frying proteins produces acrylamide which is carcinogenic.

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The worst foods of all according to Dr Glidden are GMO corn and soy treated with Roundup. Hold the nachos!



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