The reddit admins have been forced to step in after users on a hate-subreddit conspired to make fake screenshots, attempting to trick advertisers into believing their reddit ads were being shown next to objectionable material.

by AssuredlyAThrowAway In a very strange turn of events earlier this week, the admins of reddit were forced to intervene on a hate subreddit after it was discovered the users thereof … Read more

The Roaring Volatility Is A Special Nightmare For The Beloved $2 Trillion Short Vol Trades And Forced Liquidation Of Short Volatility ETNs (XIV) Could Cascade Into A Stock Market Crash

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Morgan Stanley Turns Apocalyptic On Credit… The Forced Redemption Cycle Will Be Catastrophic… The Yellen Put Makes The Financial Markets Even More Fragile Than In 2007

Here Richmond takes offense with the argument that weak growth for much of this cycle has prevented “excesses” from building, and hence an already long cycle can last even longer. … Read more