Glenn Greenwald: “One of the harms of the Trump era is the infiltration of security state officials…into “news analysis” as popular commentators. They are trained, professional liars. They lie because it’s what they were taught to do.

by CelineHagbard   Glenn Greenwald succinctly and insightfully explains the negative consequences of “ex” intelligence officers being paraded as the truth on mainstream media, using #Resistance to gain credibility from … Read more

Treason Alert: Top Democrats, INCLUDING BERNIE and MAD MAXINE WATERS, attack FBI, put agents in harm's way–criticize Disgraced Former Director, Jim "The Weasel " Comey for ruining FBI's credibility.

Published on May 11, 2017 The democrats are hypocrites they are now calling Comey’s firing disgraceful and before that they wanted him fired. That is when he reopened Hillary’s case … Read more