Canada online harms legislation threatens human rights

…. The Canadian government is considering new rules to regulate how social media platforms moderate potentially harmful user-generated content. Already, the proposed legislation has been criticized by internet scholars — across the political spectrum — as some of the worst in the world.

Oddly, the proposed legislation reads like a list of the most widely condemned policy ideas globally. Elsewhere, these ideas have been vigorously protested by human rights organizations and struck down as unconstitutional. No doubt, the federal government’s proposed legislation presents a serious threat to human rights in Canada. ….

The first few comments at the bottom of the article are worth noting. The trend is clear – there is an all out effort to erode human rights in this country [and elsewhere across the globe]. It is truly scary how so many people are not seeing that they are so freely, unthinkingly and recklessly giving away their liberty. Once give away, it is very hard to get back.

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h/t westcoastjan


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