I work in a mid-sized, R&D heavy biotech and the investing climate is terrible at the moment. All of us are really worried about securing funding, is there anyone who can elaborate as to why the market is in this state at the moment?

by ThePirateKing01 I wanted to put this out there because I currently work in a heavy R&D focused biotech and the future looks bleak because the investing market is absolutely … Read more

Ex Blizzard: “I have watched China slowly take over as the dominant investing force in gaming and movies over the years…we are in a situation where unlimited Communist money dictates our American values. We censor our games for China, we censor our movies for China.”

Mark Kern was a Team Lead at Blizzard. He gives a first hand account of how Chinese money is corrupting American games and media. Mark Kern @Grummz 2 days ago, … Read more