Minneapolis Mayor:Cannabis legalization is a criminal & racial justice issue. It is an economic issue. And, as researchers are demonstrating, it is an opioid issue that could save lives. We can’t risk even one life being lost as collateral damage in the failed war on drugs

  MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) – New research suggests opioid use is lower in states that have eased marijuana laws, and on Tuesday, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said he’s ready to make it … Read more

Lauren Southern arrested in England. (Now detained in Luton) Officially banned from the UK under Schedule 7 Terrorism Act. Racial, Religious, Societal Chaos

www.lutontoday.co.uk/news/far-right-activist-denied-entry-to-uk-after-distributing-racist-material-in-luton-1-8411543 www.breitbart.com/london/2018/03/12/lauren-southern-banned-uk-terror/ Investigated me under schedule 7 (terrorism act) because of alleged racism. At least they let me identify as Pakistani on my report lol. Still being held by police. … Read more