Racial and Ethnic Legal Advocacy Organizations in the US

by Chris Black



America does not have a single legal advocacy organization for White people.

Every other race or ethnicity has at least one, if not several legal advocacy organizations that advocate on behalf of their race or ethnicity. White Americans—who are being openly legally discriminated against in nearly every way imaginable—have none.

One would think that in a Whites supremacist country—as we are told everyday ours is—that Whites would have at least one legal organization that advocates on behalf of the interests and protection of White People.

Native American 

-California Indian Legal Services

-National Congress of American Indians

-National American Indian Court Judges Association

-National Tribal Justice Resource Center

-Native American Rights Fund

-Tribal Law and Policy Institute

-Indian Law Resource Center

-Association on American Indian Affairs

-American Indian Policy Center



-Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

-Committee of 100

-Federal Asian Pacific American Council

-Japanese American Citizens League

-Korean American Coalition

-Asian Americans Advancing Justice

-Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance




-Black Lives Matter

-National Urban League

-Rainbow Push Coalition

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-African American Planning Commission

-African American Speaker Bureau

-National Action Network

-National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice

-Center for Black Equity

-Executive Leadership council

-Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies

-National Black Justice Commission

-Color of Change

-Dignity and Power Now

-Organization for Black Struggle

American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity

-Lawyer’s Committee For Civil Rights Under Law



-Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

-UNIDOS US (formerly known as the National Council of La Raza)



-American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee 



-Council on American Islamic Relations



-International Organization for Migration

-Amnesty International




-United Sikhs


I didn’t include Jewish legal advocacy organizations, because there are too many to count. Jews have more ethnic advocacy organizations than just about every other ethnicity combined.

Remember, this list includes only *legal advocacy* organizations and doesn’t even scratch the surface of ethnic organizations generally. And this list is not comprehensive, just what I could put together after a couple hours of research.



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