FedEx CEO on Global Reality: “The Stock Market Is Very Bullish, But The Industrial Economy Doesn’t Reflect Any Growth At All Worldwide”…..There is reality… and then there is the stock market.

via Zerohedge: Yesterday we covered Fedex’s latest disastrous earnings report, in which the company disappointed Wall Street yet again reporting a huge miss to expectations while slashing guidance. Naturally, analysts – who … Read more

THE AFGHAN MESS: How To Get Out Without Creating Another. “Reality is, no army in history has successfully controlled all of Afghanistan — not Alexander the Great, not Genghis Khan, not the British, not the Russians, not the Americans.”

via hotair: The initial goal of invading Afghanistan in the immediate weeks after 9/11 could not have been more clear: Get Osama bin Laden and oust the Taliban regime that gave … Read more