Dallas Fed just realized they might be going into recession?

by StockCassandra   2 days ago, services went to hell. www.victoriaadvocate.com/news/business/dallas-fed-texas-service-sector-activity-decelerates-retail-sales-growth/article_bb543482-0fcb-11e9-98fd-074a0502514b.html Texas service sector activity grew at a slower pace in December, according to business executives responding to the Texas Service … Read more

Guy tries to have a conversation with ANTIFA protesters. He is called a fascist, swarmed by people, and arrested by the police. Nobody realized he had a camera on his shoulder capturing everything.

Unedited raw footage of me getting attacked by AntiFa and then arrested at the Boston Free Speech rally, August 2017. No one seemed to realize I had a camera on … Read more