Have I got a bargain for you. For a mere $2.7M, you can buy a governor and have the Constitution revoked for an entire state. This is the very definition of the globalists’ subversion of democracy.

by MyPenisIsALesbian In Oregon, all it took Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety is $2.7M to effectively revoke the Constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights of its citizens. Campaign contributions are … Read more

Censorship continues: Youtube just shut down the h3h3productions podcast, gave them a strike, and revoked their ability to livestream just for talking about Alex Jones. 1984 is here.

twitter.com/h3h3productions/status/1028047008144080896 Youtube censors the H3 Podcast at the mention of Alex Jones. Update; youtube overturned the strike and apologized- twitter.com/TeamYouTube/status/1028074212311760897   It still shows how shady they operate using censorship. Someone … Read more