Paul Sperry: “Notes from DOJ official Bruce Ohr indicate Steele and Simpson — aka the Clinton campaign — were also behind the false rumors that Trump created a “secret server” with Russian-based Alfa Bank through Trump Tower.

Hillary’s fingerprints are all over this. It was their October surprise… According to Snopes, Slate was the first to publish the story on October 31, 2016, which was written by … Read more

Sen. Grassley has put John Podesta on notice. Read item #12, he wants all communication Podesta had between himself and Fusion GPS, Strzok, Page, Blumenthal, Simpson, Lynch, McCabe and others.

ALL ON NOTICE Fusion GPS; Bean LLC; Glenn Simpson; Mary Jacoby; Peter Fritsch; Tom Catan; Jason Felch; Neil King; David Michaels; Taylor Sears; Patrick Corcoran; Laura Sego; Jay Bagwell; Erica … Read more