Trial by Jury Died During the OJ Simpson Extravaganza

By Chris Black

Derek Chauvin was pronounced “guilty of everything” on Tuesday.

What does it mean? Well, that’s pretty simple.

In America, you can no longer trust that you will get a fair trial. The problem is that your constitutional right to a jury is worthless. A fair trial by jury requires jurors who are competent and have a basic understanding of the law.

Decades of Judge Judy and courtroom dramas have made it impossible to get a fair and impartial jury. Just as planned actually. 

If you are picking people who will decide the fate of someone from the general population in the USA you are guaranteed to get a collective intelligence ten points below certified retardation.

From now on, looking at a black person “wrong” will be considered a hate crime punishable by life in prison. The black person will be allowed to shoot you, if they wish, and be free of prosecution.

We have known justice is dead in America for a long time. 

From now on, there should be no compliance with “the law”. Forget about paying taxes, parking fines, tickets of any kind. 

There is no law anymore.

 Also, they have pumped up black people, telling them to get confrontational with the police, and just with anyone who isn’t black. Police are nothing if not stupid, and will follow orders if given orders to confront these blacks. The blacks will create problems, and they will get shot.

Reality and statistics mean nothing to a mob of communists and black people.

And speaking of “let’s stop policing altogether because systemic racism”: pull the police out and let the ghettos burn. Let them kill each other. Flood every ghetto with fentanyl and guns. Within a month, there will be no more BLM. 

Remember The CHOP. Within a few days, it turned into gang lords with guns. 

If they really want Mogadishu, let them have Mogadishu. They keep saying that without white people, they’d be prosperous. Let’s see.

Close every business owned by whites in the ghettos. If they are such great people, they’ll start businesses to support their own. If they start starving, it will be their own fault.

The Floyd incident itself was effectively based on nothing. It was a simple situation. They spun this into the ultimate global riot meltdown.

There is a goal here to create chaos so that they may install a new order. There is a 100% chance of major riots this summer, which will surpass those of last summer in scale and deadliness.

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