Taiwan conducts a full-scale rehearsal for an assault by China

‘As the mournful wail of air-raid sirens rang out at 1.30pm yesterday, residents in towns and cities in Northern Taiwan retreated indoors. The streets rapidly cleared of people and cars.

In the capital Taipei, shops and restaurants pulled down their shutters and police directed vehicles to the side of the road and ordered drivers and their passengers to seek shelter.

The screech of fighter jets scrambling to repel the enemy filled the skies, while a ‘missile alert’ text was sent to hundreds of thousands of mobile phones, urging evacuation to a place of safety immediately.

Terrifying, yes, but the nightmare scenario that unfolded was a necessary full-scale drill to prepare for the day — drawing closer by the hour, according to some — when Taiwan is subject to a surprise attack from mainland China.’

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Wars and rumours of wars


h/t A Deplorable Neanderthal


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