Take Control Over Your Finances: Master Your Credit Score

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Your credit score and report play a key role in many areas. For example, while employers can’t see your score, they can use a report to check how reliable you are as a prospective employee. Items such as prior bankruptcies, the presence of past wage garnishments, and state of any loans in default or collections agency activity will show up on your credit report. An employer may consider these factors to be too great a liability and may not offer you the job you’re seeking.
The power of a credit score is far reaching and impacts many areas of a person’s life in adulthood. But don’t be discouraged; you can always find strategies to apply to improve your credit score. Remember to be patient. Changes won’t happen overnight, but you’ll eventually see some results. As your score improve, you’ll have opportunities to apply for new loans or lines of credit, which can further demonstrate your credit responsibility and improve your score more.
Ready to learn more about your finances? Many factors can affect your credit score, and many people fail to fully grasp the importance of a credit report. Quiz yourself on the power of your credit score and report to learn more about the importance of building and maintaining good credit. Discover some steps you can take to improve your financial outlook, and learn about healthy credit use strategies that you can use to improve your score, then delve into all of the resources on HealthIQ.com to learn more about credit and debt management.

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