Take the Carbon Pill Anon

by Chris Black

Carbon is life, trapping carbon reduces potential life. The more carbon in the cycle, the easier it is for plants to convert CO2, the quicker they grow. 

The more animals that can eat said energy, the more they breed to produce more animals that can eat other animals. 

However there was nothing to consume a lot of the plant material back in the carboniferous period so all the carbon got locked away from millions of years until now. 

This is one of my many reasons why I hate modern science.

 We should increase the proliferation of life as our world has become too dull and devoid of life.

 It is not about excess but a healthy environment.

The modern carbon capture program is a scam. 

They waste energy to reduce life potential, real solution if you care is to increase life to lock more carbon into living things.

 Carbon capture tech already exists, they’re called plants.

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 We got into the situation because they collected the carbon, died and inadvertently removed themselves from the life cycle. 

I thought science was cool as a kid so I did a lot of my own study, I had a large nonfiction library and my childhood was basically reading these on camping trips

 But now science is just a proxy for technocrats’ crazy dreams of control.



The explosion of plant life is one thing the carboniferous period is known for. 

It is important enough that the name of the period alludes to this. It was during this time period than millions of tons of plant matter were laid down in a way and in quantities that prevented much of it from breaking down and rotting.

 Eventually, the vegetation was covered by sediments, which became compacted. After a great deal of time, the material became converted into coal, hence the name: Carboniferous time period. 

This is over simplification of a complex process, but it is unlikely that it could have happened if the temperatures weren’t fairly high.


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