“Take This Vote And Shove It!”

Authored CCRider via Jim Quinn’s Burning Platform blog,

I offer here an idea to drive a stake into the heart of the ruling elite while requiring no effort, no rallies, no demonstrations and no violence.  It can be done sitting on our asses, in fact that’s a requirement.  We hijack the non voting majority.  There are many well reasoned articles for not voting.  One of my favorites is by Doug Casey  internationalman.com/articles/doug-caseys-top-five-reasons-not-to-vote/

I stopped voting after Reagan grew the government by 30%.  If he couldn’t stem the malignant growth of the federal government I reasoned, no one could.  Like any parasite government would grow until it killed off the host.  I did vote for Ron Paul in the two republican primaries but I knew it was merely symbolic.  Not only was he not allowed to win, if he came close they would have killed him, like Jack Kennedy, another reason I gave up on the evil that is voting in a corrupt democracy.

It was sort of hard sticking to it early on, not getting sucked into the red/blue bullshit hype.  In time I grew to love my non voting status.  It gave me a perspective that wound up being refreshing and enlightening.  I became a spectator in the bleachers emotionally detached from the outcome which I could not affect in any case.  I became bullet proof to nitwits like W Bush.  I could see through the dapper, skin rash deep facade of Obama and the horny carnival barker who followed him.  I wasn’t being played.  The big picture came gradually into focus.  I could see through the ruling elite’s machinations and tricks to lead the voting wildebeests down their desired path.  I became a proud non voter.  It’s not a fashionable position I know but that can change.

There is a new paradigm perhaps worth developing which could radically reset the equation.  In the last presidential election out of 230 million eligible voters, almost half, 97 million did not vote.  That left 130 million who did.  Split that number in half to represent the 2016 percentages of democratic and republican voters and you have about 65 million each.  So the vast majority of eligible voters stayed home rather than join the red-blue circle jerk.

The establishment press, ever the teacher’s pets, labeled non voters lazy and apathetic giving them cover to ignore the other obvious reason; that the abstainers regard voting as a hopeless and pointless exercise, two paths to the same cage.  Is my confirmation bias showing or are disillusioned trumpsters getting wise to the democracy scam in increasing numbers?  Consider what would happen if we take the republican voters off the table.  That would give the democratic party 65 million votes and the “None Of The Above” party 162 million.

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Of course that’s unrealistic because the real apathetic people are the brain dead automatic Repo voters-think John McCain.  But even if we could convince half of them, say 33 million to stay home on election day, that would still overwhelm the Dummos 65 million to 130 million.  One third joining the movement and it’s 120 million to 65 million-twice their number.  What would our masters do?  I have no idea but those relying on the bogus concept of “consent of the governed” would be made a laughing stock-something they can’t stand-humiliation.  That’s what all that “The Honorable” bullshit is about.  Like we owe Rashida Tlaib respect.

If you believe in Liberty and cherish your American birthright to be a sovereign individual there is no good reason to reject this wonderful form of completely nonviolent and legal civil disobedience.  Even if Trump builds his partial wall/fence/barrier/whatever, unless chain migration is stopped (which he could have done on day one) that alone will be enough to push Texas, Georgia and Florida over the blue wall in short order.  At that point we have one party rule.  See what John Adams had to say about the fate of all democracies .  We’re there.  What’s left to save?  Why play in a rigged game?  Let’s go in a different direction.  The irreverent, ‘Blow Me’ attitude of TBP seems a great vehicle to sponsor such an effort.

Think of the fun we could have driving the non voting bandwagon.  Maybe we could call ourselves the Former Unionists or FU Party.  Lets do what the ruling elite would fear and loathe:  Give the ‘None of the Above’ majority a persona.  Brand the movement.  Hand out “I Didn’t Vote” stickers.  Or “Hope is for dopes” ball caps.  Maybe our anthem could be a rewrite of the lyrics  “Take This Job( Vote) and Shove it”.  If it caught fire it could ignite the decentralized explosion of creative fire of the Ron Paul presidential campaigns.

Think of the phonies; Biden, Harris, Graham, Rubio, etc. voicing outrage at the very idea of rejecting their ‘leadership’.  Think of the Chris Cuomos and Hannitys begging you to once again  fall for the regularly scheduled “Most Important Election Of Our Lifetimes” scam.  Many Dummos may even join in.  Think of Bernie followers after he was screwed out of the nomination by the DNC.  Might they not join in?  And the best part is that this movement requires no leaders.  No political positions. No campaign promises.  No quorums.  No conventions.  We have no platform, offer no issue statements and no legislative agendas.  We don’t give a shit about the fucking deficit or ‘regime change’ .  We stay home and mind our own business.  We’re sick and tired of the game and we no longer wish to participate in our own destruction.  We’ve shrugged.

Vote, my ass.




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