Tale of Two Bidens, Old vs. New: ‘Who the Hell Is This Guy?’

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An interesting question to ask about a career politician who’s been in Washington, D.C., for 50 years. A 78-year-old guy who was first sworn into office in the U.S. Senate on January 3, 1973 — when he was 30 years old. Yet, in an op-ed on Monday morning, New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor Michael Goodwin asked exactly that question.

“Who the hell is this guy?”

“The old Biden was a windbag who wouldn’t shut up, the new Biden is a silent Sam, especially when it comes to answering press questions.

“He ducks, dodges, hides, and mumbles.”

To properly paraphrase the intent of William Shakespeare’s Juliet, “Wherefore art thou, Joe?” To properly paraphrase me, “What the hell happened to you, dude?”



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