Taliban: ‘It Is Expected’ China Will Support Us

A Taliban spokesman on Monday welcomed the friendship and cooperation of China, which he said was “expected” to “play its role” in strengthening and enriching the Taliban regime.

“We are ready to exchange views with China on how to forge ahead in terms of boosting our mutual relations, establishing peace in the region, and its assistance in the reconstruction of Afghanistan,” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

“China, our great neighboring country, can have a constructive and positive role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan and also in the economic development and prosperity of the people of Afghanistan. It is expected [that] China [will] play its role,” he said.

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Suhail claimed the Taliban has “given a clear message to all that no one can use the soil of Afghanistan against neighboring and other countries.”

The international community may be dismayed to learn this message is primarily directed at China, which rushed to pledge friendship, economic support, and diplomatic recognition for the brutal Taliban regime in exchange for promises that the Taliban would not allow groups hostile to Chinese interests to flourish under its protection.



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