Taliban not to extend the August 31 deadline and Afghans are not allowed to go to Kabul airport… DON SURBER: The Taliban is Kicking Us Out.

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DON SURBER: The Taliban is Kicking Us Out. “What? A ragtag army that President Trump held at bay is giving Biden a public spanking. In early 2020, the Taliban was in retreat. There were no ally combat deaths for more than a year when President Trump turned the Oval Office over to Obama, er, Biden. 7 months later, not only has Biden turned Afghanistan over to the Taliban, not only has he handed over our war materiel that we gave the Afghanistan army, but he has been told he has 8 days to leave — or else. . . . My advice to readers for the rest of this bloody administration is to avoid large cities and tall buildings. Biden armed them. They won’t need to hijack airplanes next time.”

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