Taliban Reportedly Sets Woman On Fire Because They Were “Dissatisfied With Her Cooking”

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Remember the assurances the Taliban has tried to offer the world that it is seeking peace and calm after forcefully taking over Kabul?

Well, try this one on for size: just days after seizing control of Afghanistan, the Taliban reportedly set a woman on fire because they were “dissatisfied with her cooking”, according to the Telegraph.

The horrifying incident came after the Taliban attacked people waving the Afghan flag and forced a German charity to close its doors. The charity said the safe houses it was running for Afghan nationals had become “death traps”.

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Marcus Grotian, an active German soldier who ran the charity, said: “The Taliban are going door to door looking for local forces. This was foreseeable, and there has already been a visit to one of the safehouses by the Taliban. Thank God it was empty.”

Islamists also “went door to door hunting journalists and interpreters,” the Telegraph wrote.


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