Target physical gift card scam

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by Queefgod69

I think this is ok to post here but I just wanted to vent and warn people about buying gift cards from target. I recently went in the store to purchase apple store gift cards as part of a promotion to buy my dad a new phone.

I purchased $600 worth of apple gift cards from target. Each one was activated in a separate transaction all around the same time. What little did I know that within 10 minutes of activating a card someone somehow knew the code and redeemed it before I could walk out of the store. The cards were sealed, I’ve talked to apple who was able to mark the accounts that stole the cards as fraud but they can’t get my money back.

After speaking with two target managers they basically said that sucks and even when I called the police to file a report even the police wouldn’t file one. Corporate has not been helpful either as they’re “investigating”. It is just a continuous loop of shifting the blame.

So today was a sad waste of time and now I don’t have the money for a Christmas gift.

Anyway I wanted this to be a PSA not to but physical giftcards in target. After doing some research there is a actually a class action lawsuit against target for this kind of fraud.

If you guys have any advice on how to proceed I would appreciate it and thank you.



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