Target, Walmart, Macy’s & Belk have eliminated dressing rooms and Starbucks in their stores

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So, I guess they’ll have a more lenient return policy?
Not that I’m disagreeing, but another price involved to think about.

Target, Walmart, Macy’s and Belk.

Just because the state is reopening and more retailers will be welcoming you in, doesn’t mean it will be shopping as usual.


As of right now, Target and Walmart in our area have their dressing rooms closed. Belk stores are also temporarily closing fitting rooms.


But Macy’s told 2WTK stores have a selection of fitting rooms open throughout stores, which complies with social distancing guidelines.

Although stores will be temporarily suspending the dress shirt fitting service.

Whether you try it on in the store or at home, you could still be trying on clothes and returning them– or putting them back on the rack for someone else to then try on.

Even that Starbucks thing they started to do – done.

Wonder about the Subway’s they put in too?


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