Tax Dollar Overload! – A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments & Agencies

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by Thinker

Every president adding more and more programs and agencies that are milking the tax payers for billions. How many really do anything at all other than collect a check? How many have a history of stories and testimony that what they have been doing for decades work? Is there an audit of any of these agencies that are milking the system? What do Americans really know about where all the money they pay into the government goes? Time to wake up and know the truth. To many agencies with nothing to show for decades of existence. Time to clean the swamp of bottom feeders an lower the debt of a nation.

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Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

There’s one thing all Americans have in common: taxes. Where exactly do our tax dollars go? How does the US government spend our money? Here’s a breakdown.


Uncovered: Corporate Lobbying Funded by Your Tax Dollars. Brendan Fischer of the Center for Media and Democracy tells us about CMD and Common Cause’s latest submission to the IRS proving that the American Legislative Exchange Council is operating in violation of the tax code.

NM auditor: $1 billion in taxpayer funds unaudited. auditor releases a report saying that dozens of government agencies have failed to submit required audits to the state.

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Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist’s playbook and getting the most tax dollars from the government as possible. Americans, do you know the game and how its played? You can play to and get your tax dollars for life! Lobbyist Jack Abramoff who was used as a fall guy and sent to prison, explains how he asserted his influence in Congress for years, and how such corruption continues today despite ethics reform. Lesley Stahl reports.


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