Taxes are due May 17th!! (More deadlines you should know about!!)

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by JC1812

Taxes are due May 17th! If you can’t file on time then you can file a IRS Form 4868 for a extension. It’s a extension to file NOT to pay. Payments are still Due May 17th. (I suggest you prepare taxes this weekend if you have the time for it)

  1. HSA/IRA Contributions are due May 17th for 2020.
  2. If you are claiming a refund for 2017 they are due May 17th as well!!
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If you owe, you may pay your taxes on IRS Direct pay or use EFTPS. (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) You can also use a credit card, but please note that there is a processing fee to use a credit card or a debit card. You may also mail them a check, remember to enclose your 1040-V.

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Links to the payment portal:

IRS Direct Pay:


Upcoming Tax Deadlines

Quarter 2 Estimated Taxes are due June 15th.



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