Teamsters Union Officials Forced out of LA Trucking Company

The union for a Los Angeles trucking company, Teamsters Local 986, was forced out after nearly 80% of workers signed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to remove it.

The National Labor Relations Act governs private sector workers, unionization and how workers can remove a union from their workplace. In 27 right-to-work states, union payments are voluntary. In California and other non right-to-work states, union payments are mandatory for all unionized and non-union employees.

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In Los Angeles, employees at KWK Trucking voted out the Teamsters, telling the NLRB they didn’t want union representation in their workplace.

With free legal aid from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, employee Eliseo Haro submitted a decertification petition with the NLRB to allow employees to vote out the union. Rather than go through the decertification process of no longer bargaining for employees, Teamsters officials withdrew their representation. As a result, NLRB region 21 revoked Local 986’s certification as the worker’s monopoly bargaining agent.

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