Teary School Cafeteria Employee Thanks President Trump For Bonus from Tax Plan

A teary-eyed college cafeteria worker thanked President Donald Trump at a roundtable discussion in Missouri Wednesday, saying she put her unexpected bonus into her savings.
Bonnie Brazzeal said she was “very thankful” for the bonus, and put it toward her retirement.

Brazzeal, other employees and business leaders joined Trump at the discussion at the Boeing facility in St. Louis.
The meeting focused on Trump’s tax plan, and the employees shared their stories of how the extra money they received has helped them.
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg also praised the president for his support for American manufacturing jobs.
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My crumbs are netting me an extra ~$80/month. How about you guys?
My WiFi, cable, and washer/dryer rental is all covered with this extra money. That’s a quantifiable improvement for me!
h/t TexasCuber