Tech companies now control the minds of billions

by test470

Not all of us have been brainwashed, but as far as I can tell the majority of the western world has been. The internet has been stolen from its original user base and it has been taken over by corporations and media giants who censor all dissenting viewpoints, and they actively fight any collective action that could threaten its power (e.g. nationalism, beliefs in other systems). The future looks like it will be a world managed by a relatively small number of college educated “elites” who endlessly push their propaganda onto the masses and ensure stability through thought control (google search results, facebook, instagram, etc). All of this is done in order to protect the assets of these new tech empires which now rule the world. Governments are becoming useless, because google and facebook can control who wins elections though subtle programming and control of the world’s information.

Essentially what has happened is that a new form of power has emerged (tech companies, global finance), and these entities do not respect borders, ideology, tradition, or humanity. Everything will be absorbed into their realm of control, and if you rebel, the system will defame you and label you with derogatory words until you comply and bow down to their power, or they will outright censor you. Your data will be gathered without your permission, and this same data will be used to manipulate you and make you unnecessary in the workplace. Of course this is all being done under the banner of “progress”, and anyone who doesn’t like it is just “uneducated” scum who doesn’t know any better. /s

I’ve seen how quickly people around me have changed in only 5 years. All this has shown me is that humans are incredibly easy to manipulate. They have very short attention spans and forget what their lives and opinions were like only years before. Just recently I watched a Hulu “documentary” on the new nude-streaming website called OnlyFans. This “documentary” was a propaganda film with endless obnoxious pop music overlaid on top of the dumbest commentators imaginable. These people sat there telling me how the future is going to be fantastic now that we can all sit alone in our rooms paying to watch naked people make breakfast. And if you’re lucky, you might one day aspire to become a virtual prostitute yourself! Not once was there ever any mention of the growing loneliness epidemic in modern society, or the fact that many people are forced to do this type work because they can’t find a job. I feel like this new dystopian world of tech has created such a mind-bogglingly idiotic and fake version of reality, that I can barely stand to participate in it any longer. The worst part is that the majority of those around me don’t really seem to notice or care.

Even posting logical critiques of this new empire is typically met with shadow banning. They are trying to make it so that any complaints will be yelled into the void. Nobody will see or hear it. They want you to feel like you’re all alone in thinking this way. Our thoughts, our views of the world, and the very essence of our nature is being broken down and reconstructed in the image of these corporations and their algorithms. And to top it all off, it’s pretty obvious that those who are building this new system don’t even believe their own bullshit. They preach unity and openness while sending their own kids to private schools. They preach better treatment of the planet while pumping CO2 into the atmosphere on their vacations around the globe. It all just feels like a big ruse.



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