Tech, Housing, Stock, Bitcoin Bubble Is Going To Burst

Ah that CONTAGION word again…

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World trade impacted by Suez blockage ✔

The US implementing sanctions and embargoes to many countries – an act of war ✔

China openly defying said sanctions and effectively implementing the Petro Yuan ✔

The United States in utter internal and external disarray ✔

The US markets at All Time High ✔

US short sellers eviscerated due to blatant fraud ✔

US FED tapped out and out of ammo ✔

China is the supplier of 80% of global goods ✔

China overtakes the US in STEM graduates where engineers actually produce tangible goods (high tech drones, QuantumComputers) ✔

The most we can produce here is MyPillow and Bombas socks ✔

The price of paper silver continues to drop despite the largest demand in history (fraud) ✔

The US parasitic class not recognizing the above and continuing to do more of the same ✔

The US Media Propaganda Apperatus lying, diverting, and deflecting the truth ✔

What can possibly go wrong  ??


h/t LimitDown69r


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