Technocratic Corporate Global Government Moving To Install Martial Law, Overthrow Trump, And Use Military Force To Take Over The United States Of America. Antifa Is Only A Tool.

by Ruby Henley
Who is Antifa? Antifa started out in the blue-collar factories in Nazi-Germany in opposition to Hitler.  On the ground-level, Antifa had the best of intentions.  However, they eventually became a tool of the Far-Left under the control of George Soros to further His agenda.  It is sad to see an organization, which had its roots in Nazi-Germany opposing Hitler, fall under the control of a man, who was in fact a Nazi collaborator.  
George Soros is a Hungarian Jew, who is responsible for turning in other Hungarian Jews over to the Nazi SS for extermination.  This is the man who is now funding Antifa.  The original Antifa from Nazi-Germany would turn over in their graves if they knew this.  It is now a far cry from those, who worked undercover from factories and estates to feed those, who were starving in Germany during the reign of Hitler.  In fact, in the early years of Antifa, they would have been in direct opposition with young George Soros and his traitor father.
Now the Antifa movement claims they are anti fascist and anti Nazi, but they adopt fascist and Nazi tactics to silence their opposition.  Of course, their opposition are Trump supporters and Patriots who are guarding Free Speech and the Constitution.  Trump supporters are truly concerned with the state of the Nation and believe Trump will bring about positive changes.  However, there is a movement which plans to create so much chaos in the US with the so-called Alt-Right rallies, martial law will be declared, continuity of government protocols implemented, and then they will go in for the kill by overthrowing President Trump.
In comes the Military Force for the Technocratic Corporate Global Government.  Any country that refuses to join this Global Government will be met with the military might of the United States.  You will find at the helm of this Global Government takeover people like George Soros, McMaster, and all Far Left Elites.  If they succeed, what will we really be left with here in the US?  I am going to talk about who would take Trump’s place, and this is just my opinion.
The Wikileaks email below shows the importance of George Soros to the Far Left in a discussion between several prominent figures – including campaign manager Robby Mook and Clinton aide Huma Abedin – regarding the organization “America Votes.” (We know now these emails were not hacked but leaked.)

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“Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional,” Pence, then governor of Indiana, tweeted at 7:30 a.m. Dec. 8, 2015.  Pence even went so far as to double down on those comments later that same day in northwest Indiana, telling reporters: “The United States cannot, and should not discriminate on the basis of religion.”
I want to share the following article:
QUOTE:  Trump made a deal with the Republicans. He agreed to run with one of theirs for VP in exchange for their support. Which was a shitty deal because he never got their support anyways. Look at the body language between the two. It’s OBVIOUS to anyone paying attention to nonverbal cues that Trump and Pence don’t even like each other. I don’t blame ppl for doubting Trump is the real deal after we’ve been burned so many times but I’m confident he is real. And he will start to get things done…but it won’t last… because with Pence as his VP.. Trump is a dead man walking .
……What You Don’t Know About Mike Pence – Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
I absolutely believe that Trump is a good man and as Jesus said, he is (in big matters) innocent as a dove and wise as a serpent. He is a New Yorker and not naive. But I pray for him every single day.
This is a clip I took out of a video that I think everyone needs to see. Mike Pence did something during Bush’s administration that outs him as another establishment, globalist puppet. This is VERY important to know. The establishment is hoping Conservatives don’t remember what he did right after 9-11.
I took this 7 min clip out of Anthony Antonello’s two-hour video called “What you don’t know about Mike Pence, Election Day 4”. (
(When you click on the video, it is no longer available.)
The main point of this blog post is the video above. The following are just some of my extra notes about Pence:
Mike Pence is BFF’s with Paul Ryan which is huge clue #1. Did you see how excited Paul Ryan was when Pence was selected for VP?
It is my personal opinion that Trump had to make a deal with the Republicans. He agreed to run with one of theirs as his VP in exchange for their support. Which was a crappy deal because he never got their support anyways. The establishment chose Mike Pence because his loyalties have been well hidden and he has not done anything overt (except for what is exposed in this video which happened over a decade ago) to betray who he is and who he truly works for. If you remember, Pence was named as Trump’s VP right after Trump met with Henry Kissinger.)
During campaign season if you looked at the body language and non verbal cues between the two, it was obvious to anyone paying attention to details that Trump and Pence didn’t even seem to really like each other. Dave Hodges spoke about this alot after Trump chose Pence as his running mate.
I don’t blame people for doubting Trump is the real deal after we’ve been burned so many times but I’m confident he is real. And he will get things done…but he really made a bad decision choosing Mike Pence. Because with Pence next in line for the presidency we are one bullet away from another globalist puppet in the White House. And it is WAY too tempting for the PRICS (psychopaths really in charge) who are pissed their plans have been derailed.
Same thing happened with Reagan. He was forced to take a deal to use Bush as his VP running mate and not long after they tried to assassinate him.
EXCERPT- “At the Republican National Convention in 1980 Reagan promised a small group of delegates led by Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, that he would not, “under any circumstance, have that man,” George Bush, as his running mate. The next day Reagan announced Bush as his vice presidential selection. The small group confronted Reagan with the contradictions to which Reagan responded before walking away,
“Had one hell of a night with David [Rockefeller] and Henry [Kissinger].”
I reasoned that the establishment found it necessary to work with Reagan because of unplanned popular support and could drop their intense opposition to him if he would accept their man, a former CFR director, as his vice president. The CFR could still govern indirectly through Vice President George Bush on the things that mattered most to them.” -copied from Dr Henry’s article
They chose Pence because he’s a closet globalist. Ppl don’t know much about his connections or his record and many things about him have been hidden which was why he was the best choice to force on Trump as a running mate.
Also right before he was announced as VP after Trump met with Kissinger all of Pence’s congressional records were suddenly sealed.
QUOTE:  Vice President Mike Pence said Tuesday that two tweets from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claiming a possible “Pence takeover” of the White House were “absurd” and “frankly offensive.”
QUOTE:  On Pence having his own political action committee that has actually outraised Trump’s in disclosed donations, Lotter said it was “true” before adding that “Ivanka Trump introduced the vice president at a fundraising event just two or three weeks ago.” On whether Pence attended a big fundraising event for Republican senator Joni Ernst of (early primary state) Iowa, Lotter said he did so “at the invitation of the president.” On whether Pence has met with GOP donors—including representatives of the wealthy brothers Charles and David Koch—at the vice presidential residence, Lotter confirmed Pence had done so.
If you want to understand George Soros, watch the below video:

Julian Assange is warning America of a Trump coup.
BREAKING! Julian Assange Has Revealed The Plot To Overthrow Trump And It’s Bad………

Conclusion:  America is humanities last stand, if they can take us down every other country on the planet will fall. The only thing that has kept the globalists from being more aggressive in their subversion of the US is the fact that WE STILL HAVE GUNS. There are millions of gun owners in the United States and a very large portion of those gun owners happen to be VETERANS.
The People of the United States are literally leading the charge against the Globalist Cabal and what we do here now will determine whether or not Western Civilization as we know it will survive to propel humanity into a brighter future, or if Western Civilization will fall and give way to global enslavement and a tyrannical Technocratic Corporate Global Government break away civilization.
When the smoke settles, what side will you be on? The side that did nothing and let the West fall, or will you be counted amongst the Saviors Of Humanity?
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5 thoughts on “Technocratic Corporate Global Government Moving To Install Martial Law, Overthrow Trump, And Use Military Force To Take Over The United States Of America. Antifa Is Only A Tool.”

  1. Siiiigh…….13 views? Pathetic.
    I reposted on Craigslist Rants & Raves. It will be Flagged & Removed in less than an hour, but sometimes, just reaching ONE person…..
    Thank you for your work, Ruby

    • Maybe we should start adding fluffy kittens or talk about the latest Iphone in the writings? Everything is working against truth tellers. There are multiple problems including the incredibly short attention span of about 5 seconds for the average person. They want instant gratification. Also, it’s not nice news for people and they are too mentally fragile to handle the truth. Then you have the jewish censors which right away tells you it’s a jew problem, or at least that they play a MASSIVE role in all this. I’m white, but I go after white people if they deserve it, most jews (even jew loving Christians) seem to be ok with all the crap like metzitzah b’peh. The good thing is there doesn’t seem to be anymore “arguing” in the truth community about this and that when it comes to who is behind it, the truth has become self evident. Thank god, maybe I can reverse some of these grey hairs.

      • I once saw a link on Yahoo ‘Sexy haircuts for women’.
        Now, I HAVE to go look, but the top comment there, after a few hours, had 1800 ‘likes’. A fantastic comment on a truth site usually gather 6 to 40 – maybe.
        Shows you where everyone’s priorities lie – and WHY the politicians get away – literally – with murder.
        A major collapse cannot come too soon, nor happen to a more deserving place.

  2. Excellent article. I have been worried for Trump since Trump chose Pence as his VP. You could have mentioned LBJ was forced on JFK also. With the same results as the exCIA director forced on Reagan. Also Teddy Roosevelt was forced on McKinley with the same results. However, Teddy couldn’t break the power of the State Banks to create the FED. He had to start the Bull Moose party to take out Taft to insure Woodrow Wilson’s win. Thus establishing the FED, IRS and WWI!


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