Ted Cruz NAILS Brain Williams

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1/x Is there a more pitiful example of corrupt corporate media than Brian Williams?

He was fired as the anchor of NBC Nightly News for “misrepresenting events which occurred while he was covering the Iraq War in 2003.” Now, he’s a left-wing hack at MSNBC.

2/x Now, he’s throwing a hissy fit that I criticized the ridiculously woke video that the Biden admin put out. Williams accidentally told the truth, when he describes it as “a video meant to diminish the U.S. military.”

TRUE. That’s the problem. (The Pentagon put it out.)

3/x Now, with his trademark ignorant snark, he’s dubbed me “Kremlin Cruz.”

Three problems:

(1) I hate communists, my family was imprisoned & tortured by communists, and Brian is a shameless apologist for Russian (and Chinese and Cuban) communists.

4/x (2) I was arguing that our military needs to be able to kick the ass of Russian soldiers. It’s Brian & his lefty comrades that are working relentlessly to diminish the effectiveness of the U.S. military—the finest fighting force on the face of the planet.

5/x And (3) JUST THIS WEEK Biden gave Putin a multi-billion-dollar gift, when he waived mandatory U.S. sanctions to allow Russia to build Nord Stream 2, a massive natural gas pipeline to Germany.

Who authored the sanctions that STOPPED NS2? That would be me.

6/x Cover that, Brian.

But that would be actual news, something you don’t do.

Use your condescending wit to call Biden “Kremlin Joe”—he’s the one illegally giving billions to Putin.

But your corporate overlords wouldn’t let you.

Congrats, Brian. You are Pravda.



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