TED NUGENT won’t Perform at Venues that Enforce COVID-19 Vaccine, Mask Mandates

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“Tickets go on sale tomorrow, I think, for this gonzo beach party rock and roll concert headlined by Ted Nugent in Panama City [Florida] on April 29th,” Ted said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “Write that down. That’s confirmed. There’ll be no mask mandates; there’ll be no bullshit. And the next night, the headliner is my buddy Kid Rock. I’m not promising anything except we’re gonna rock your brains out, but on the 30th when Kid Rock is headlining Panama City, the big beach party concert, he always plays [Nugent’s classic song] ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ every night, so maybe I’ll stick around and go up there and show him how to play it. It’s a possibility.”

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“2020, the communist Chinese in the White House wouldn’t let the tour happen,” he continued. “Well, some people went on tour. And they played a place where you had to show paperwork or wear a mask. I’m not playing a place that plays Na zi jackboot. If there’s some kind of unconstitutional mandate… By the way, mandates… You can’t mandate shit. You can’t mandate anything to me. You have no mandate authority. This isn’t communist China, even though Joe Biden thinks it is, and he’s helping it become that. But if there’s a mandate for a mask that’s been proven scientifically not to work… There’s guys out on motorcycles doing 60 miles an hour with a mask… That’s a country music fan, if ever there was one.



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