Teen awarded $225,000 after heart attack from Pfizer Vaccine…

  The 16-year-old male youth who had an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest six days after receiving his first dose of COVID-19 vaccine on 27 June 2021, and had required intensive care, is recovering steadily and currently undergoing inpatient rehabilitation. He is making good progress and can perform his activities of daily living without assistance. He will likely be discharged in the coming weeks, but will likely require outpatient rehabilitation for some time before he can return to school and resume other activities. The medical team will continue his treatment and monitor his condition.


2.     Medical investigations have found that the youth had developed acute severe myocarditis which led to the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. The myocarditis was likely a serious adverse event arising from the COVID-19 vaccine he received, which might have been aggravated by his strenuous lifting of weights and his high consumption of caffeine through energy drinks and supplements.


3.    Under the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (VIFAP) provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH), a one-time financial assistance of $225,000 has been extended to the youth and his family. The independent clinical panel appointed to assess and adjudicate the VIFAP application found that while he has made good improvement, because his condition was severe and critical, he will require treatment and rehabilitation for some time yet to continue his recovery.


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