Telegram is now censoring and is clearly compromised…

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Well, up until today I had a Telegram account. Here’s why I’ve very quickly and anxiously deleted my account and uninstalled the app…

So I’ve been hearing rumours from all sorts of sources that Telegram has already been compromised. That the anti censorship stance they take is a smokescreen, and that the establishment have already infiltrated it. Today, I found out first hand that’s the case.

So I learnt that Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, is listed on the World Economic Forum website as a member. Here he is: on their website

I simply questioned this in the Durov chat. Not in a remotely aggressive tone. Despite my actual concerns, I even said “I’m not criticising, just curious” and pointed out it seems to be at odds with his entire image. Anyway soon after this, I was unable to post in any public chat, and I could only message mutual contacts.

This showed me that for simply asking this question, I’ve been silenced. Not on a particular group chat, but for all of the public chats on Telegram. This indicates that it wasn’t an admin of a particular group, but someone who works directly for Telegram as they proudly boast a lack of algorithms.

So this is why I hastily sent a message to close contacts with my email and phone number, and then promptly deleted my account and removed the app. I’m concerned that if they were hiding this intention to censor voices, what else are they hiding? Is the data really safe? How do we know?

I don’t trust this company any more. They’re right up there with Big Tech now in my eyes, as they’ve failed their basic mission statement.

The sad thing? There’s no real alternative. I’m all alone out here now, and once they get my YouTube it’s game over really.

F*ck Telegram.


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