Television is a Weapon of Mass Deception and Distraction

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by alexander7k

The TV is the worst invention that humankind has ever created, it has radically transformed a society of simple small communities into large disoriented communities of brainwashed zombies.

  • When there is an important event, the TV will just deceive you and send you into a dead alley.
  • The rest of the time it will just distract you with useless pop garbage and sports.

It deceives people down to the smallest level, where even cartoons for children have a nefarious agenda embedded in them.

It’s a fine tuned brainwashing machine, that is what it is, it has been carefully engineered to provide the highest levels of persuasion:

  • video frequency, the combination of colors, the sound tone, utilization of subliminal messages, the composition of different fictional characters in shows…

All of it was carefully, scientifically engineered to provide the most efficient brainwashing level possible.

I doubt the media was ever truthful, but a newspaper is totally harmless compared to the TV. Nobody should expect the paper news to tell the absolute truth, but newspapers were usually covering local events, so it was usually just highlighing smaller events with the least amount of spin on them.

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For this reason I am still subscribed to a local newspaper. I did detect deception in them a couple of times, but it’s still a more pleasant form of information take, since you have time to think while you read it.

However the TV is just a total brainwashing apparatus. It makes people be glued to the screens, and there are constantly shows on them, it feels like people who watch them are in some sort of stasis state, where you can’t talk to them while they absorb the information from the TV. It’s very scary if you think about it.

I haven’t watched TV for more than a decade now, and never looking back, but whenever I go to a friends house, the fucking TV is always on, and I can barely talk with them 2 words before something happens on the TV and totally distracts me, and I lose my line of thought.

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It’s just fucking horrible, people can’t have now a 10 minute chat in private without the TV running in the background.

One of the most disgusting things that I have observed is when they put TV’s in the rooms of terminal patients in hospitals. So dying persons instead of spending their last days with their family and friends, they should just watch the TV instead. Absolutely horrible.

People have no clue how mentally enslaved they are by this demonic machine, and I am not even religious, but this is as close to demonic as it gets.

It’s the biggest conspiracy of the 20th century.


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