Tennessee passes perrmitless carry

The bill is heading to Governor Lee’s desk and will take effect on July 1st 2021.

Am armed society is a polite society.

The pearl clutching in the media has already begun.

“Earlier Monday, gun control advocates, emergency room doctors and pastors — representing nearly 800 faith-based leaders stood shoulder to shoulder calling on Governor Bill Lee to reject one of his top legislative priorities.
“The permitless carry of firearms that can take life unjustly is immoral,” one pastor said.”

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NOW democrats suddenly care about the police:

““Anyone who votes for this legislation tonight, don’t ever say you back the blue,” said Democratic Rep. Bo Mitchell of Nashville.”

This one is oblivious to the fact that her son was a defenseless sitting duck…Or he was a felon too:

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“On Monday outside of the Capitol, Shaundelle Brooks urged the bill’s defeat by retelling the story of her son Akila DaSilva, who was one of four people killed in a 2018 shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville. She was joined by a group of faith leaders who collected hundreds of letters opposing the legislation.”



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