Terry Crews won’t back down on black supremacy warning, says black people should be allowed to be republicans or libertarians

Me, me x1000
Terry Crews is my hero dude. He’s talented in a million ways, has a heart of gold, full of integrity, consistent in his convictions, and is one of the most courageous men out there.

  • While in the NFL he painted gorgeous portraits of his teammates as a side gig.
  • We’ve all seen his dance moves.
  • He’s extremely well disciplined and hard working
  • He noticed some distance forming between his son, a computer gamer, and him, an outdoorsy athletic type. So what did he do? He did his research, reached out for help, and built his son a fucking baller ass gaming computer so they could game together.

Not to mention him taking on the cock grabbing pedo rapist producers in Hollywood.

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If you can, I beg you to reach out to Terry with at least 3 impressions. Comment with some support under his social media, tweet at/about him, like his videos on YouTube. Whatever you can to show support, I would absolutely lose hope if he of all people submits to the mob.



h/t Cameron


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