Tesla barely sells 10% of EV’s in the advanced EV markets of China and Europe, where 1 in 5 cars sales are EV’s (US 1 in 30)

by Historical_Job_8609

Whilst Tesla dominates US EV sales (it has fallen to around 66% first half) where EV sales might be 3% of car sales this year, Tesla is presently selling around 7% of EV’s in Europe and 9% in China, where EV sells will be a staggering 1 in 5 cars sales.

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Whilst the US media narrative is of Tesla dominating EV sales, its share of global EV sales has fallen from as high as 18% to only 14.5% YTD. The reality is companies like VW, Stellantis, BMW, Daimler and Renault all sell more EV’s than Tesla in Europe. In China things are a bit distorted by the Hongguang Mini (SAIC-GM-Wuling), but BYD is pushing 100k of EV sales a month.

Tesla is so much more than a car company Tesla investors will cry. It needs to be, because if the rapidly maturing EV mkts of China and Europe, where consumers have dozens upon dozens of EV choices, is any indication, Tesla is clearly NOT dominating sales. Yet Tesla utterly dwarfs these companies in value selling 10 times as many EV’s than it does net in mature EV mkts.



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