Tesla DD and government change in Bolivia

by paperfoampit

You may have heard of president Evo Morales recently being ousted from the Bolivian government after controversy surrounding his presidency. What you may not have heard is that Bolivia has a massive amount of Lithiumwww.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-12-03/bolivia-s-almost-impossible-lithium-dream

Futhermore, a few days before Morales withdrew from his presidency, he broke off a deal with a German Lithium extraction company, basically wanting to renegotiate for more money from the Lithium trade to stay in Bolivia www.mining.com/bolivia-walks-away-from-lithium-project-with-german-company/

Since you’re on wallstreetbets, you’re probably not some kinda commie or lefty, but you’ve gotta admit those fuckers have a keen eye for what’s going on in the world, and it should be pretty obvious to you by now too. Basically, multinational capitalists want to assfuck Bolivia to get their Lithium as cheap as possible, and like we’ve seen in other countries, the CIA is probably establishing a nice, cooperative government as we speak. www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/11/bolivian-coup-comes-less-week-after-morales-stopped-multinational-firms-lithium-deal

Ideally, this will allow for ACISA, the German company Morales broke off the deal with, and potentially other groups to reestablish themselves in Bolivia and start pumping out that sweet, sweet Lithium. Here’s their website. www.acisa.de/ I mean, just look at the galaxy brain concepts they’re tackling, such as “Transferring Know-how”. Do you even know what that means, you dumb wsb bitchboy?

Finally, who does ACISA provide Lithium ion batteries to? That’s right, Mr. Elongated Muskrat himself. Daddy’s gonna get his juice, the only question is, will you???



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