Tesla News:stock split, factory shut down. Guess which one has a bigger impact on stock price?

by qcatq

Tesla on tweeter announced a plan to split stock. It is seeking investor approval in the next general meeting. However, no further details was given, no mention on the meeting date, or the split ratio.

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Also today, due to COVID restrictions in China, Tesla gigafactory in Shanghai will be shut for 4 days. It has already shut for 2 days in mid March. Current estimate is the factory could produce just over 2,000 vehicles per day ( output in Dec 2021 was 70,000 for the month). So that is over 12,000 less cars to be shipped in March.

If you think a stock split has a bigger impact on the market, then congrats, you are right. Although I’m considering throwing all my financial books down the toilet at this point.


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