Tesla Stock Could Tumble Over 90%, Says Analyst

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GLJ Research analyst Gordon Johnson expects Tesla shares to be changing hands for $19 each a year from now (yes, that’s not a typo), implying a decline of 96%. Needless to say, Johnson’s rating for Tesla is a Sell.

The problems? Let’s see. Take away “FSD (full self-driving) and credit sales in 2020,” and Johnson believes TSLA will lose roughly $200 million “in both 3Q20 and 4Q20,” adding “the core business is still a perpetual loss maker.”

“When does it end?” Johnson asks, “We don’t know… but what we are confident of is that TSLA’s fundamentals are worsening by the day, and when this ends TSLA will trade down to fair value. Thus, despite all the, quite frankly, BS analysis (lacking of any actual numbers) we see out there, we are sticking with our fundamental view.”



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