Tesla’s Fantastic Earnings are Pure Fiction

by Chris Black

It must be nice to be Elon and know you can just make up any number you want and report 100% fraudulent results, and not have to pay any consequences.

How has any positive result not been priced into Tesla? You also have to look back a few years when Elon said they’d be producing one million cars per quarter by now.

There is no cybertruck despite the claims it is coming next year or Tesla semi.

The solar roof project is dead and it doesn’t look like the new roadster is coming. The profit was once again based on record sales of carbon credits that Musk must be buying himself, because almost all the other car companies have started producing electric cars. Still the joke of a company trades higher than one trillion dollars.

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For Tesla to be close to fairly valued, the company will need to sell 100% of the automobiles from here on out. Every car sold will need to be a Tesla. If one other car company sells a single car or truck, Tesla is overpriced.

Where is the growth when a stock has already priced in the impossibility of 100% market share? So either Tesla shares drop by at least 80%, or every other automaker goes bankrupt. Those are the only options.

Enron couldn’t even be considered fraud compared to Tesla’s books.

It is amazing how Tesla can always produce a few thousand cars in the last day before the end of a quarter and get a few million in extra carbon credits. Almost like cars appear out of thin air and can be produced in less than ten minutes. Even more amazing is thousands of delivered cars that never get registered. It seems a lot of people buying the cars are keeping them as coffee tables in their homes.


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