Tesla’s incredible run continues, up 28% in the last month and 15% in the last week. Now at $3850 pre split and $770 post split

by can_wien07

Over the last 3 months there were endless discussion and a analysis suggesting that the tesla bubble was going to pop anytime now. It appears that tesla is going to be permanently viewed as a ~600B company at minimum going forward.

For those who are familiar with Gary Black. He provides nuanced projections for tesla and his price target is around ~$840.

Key Analysts

1/ $8T Active Mgr buying (now)

2/ MIC Y launch (now)

3/ Street ups FY’21 Est/PTs (1/4)

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4/ CyTrck update (1/15)

5/ FSD MRR launch (1/15)

6/ Biden inaugural/EV credit (1/20)

7/ 4Q EPS $1.06 v $0.93 (1/27)

8/ FY’21 Deliv 840K v 777K (1/27)

For bulls and bears, what are your thoughts on the stock.


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