Texas Ends COVID Emergency Orders

By Chris Black

A tiny bit of sanity returning to an insane world?

The second largest state in the “Union” just announced that the lockdown nightmare is a thing of the past, at least for now. Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday announced that Texas will lift all anti-Covid restrictions, including the mask mandate, amid declining hospitalization and infection rates (which mean nothing). 

Starting from March 10th , all Texas businesses will be allowed to work at full capacity. This is great news, and all I have to say is “what took you so long”?

In all honesty, when you can create a “pandemic” by monkeying with the number of cycles in a test that isn’t designed to diagnose any illness, then any talk about “cases dropping” or “cases increasing” is meaningless. 

Hopefully Texas provides the crack to destroy the entire scam.

However, if you read Abbott’s executive order, if more than 15% of the hospitalizations are “COVID”, they can bump businesses back to 50% and require masks. They aren’t allowed to order schools or churches to limited capacity (they stay full open) and as soon as it’s under 15% hospitalization for 7 days, all of it gets lifted again.

Right now, El Paso is the only reporting area that can continue restrictions.  Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin all must open up on the 10th.

We can only put our faith in the “domino principle”, and hope that Texas will start a domino effect with states chucking in the mandates and racing to restart their economies. 

As an interesting factoid, Kendall County Illinois has been wide open since May 13th 2020.  County Sheriff said “we’re not enforcing any mandates.  Consult your lawyer and proceed accordingly”.  

Schools never closed, and the cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are below the national average. 

Actually, there never should have been any restrictions to begin with. They have had no problems dealing with the seasonal flu and common cold until they were called Covid. Unfortunately, most people do not know they are living in a highly manipulated reality.

Also keep in mind that the drop in cases and hospitalizations and deaths are the result of the CDC sending out memos to begin changing the way deaths are counted and what cycle threshold is used in PCR tests. So if team Biden needs to lock down again, they can and probably will go back to the phony statistical mirage they’ve been using to get Orange man.


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