Texas oil producers ask state to limit output as prices collapse

Article: www.reuters.com/article/global-oil-shale-regulation/texas-oil-producers-ask-state-to-limit-output-as-prices-collapse-idUSL1N2BD01H

So US producers have been looking for some way to end this oil price war while staying within the limits of US law and it look likes they’ve approached the Texas RR commission to use their regulatory authority to do and approach OPEC on the matter. Though there is some opposition from people within the industry too: www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/energy/incredibly-damaging-us-oil-lobby-chief-opposes-proposal-to-have-texas-conspire-with-opec

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It’s hard to say if anything will come of this but the ultimate sticking point for the Saudis has been a lack of cuts being spread. Obviously there’s no deal in place or much in the way of status updates since this ongoing but it’s something to watch.

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