Texas Way To Get Illegal Immigrants to Go To Other States – Cut Funding!

by Thinker

How many illegal immigrants are and have come to the USA under the Obama/Clinton open borders program? How many of them collected benefits from the government, that were provided by the deep state governments to states who supported illegal immigrants??? Well, all that free money that the Obama/Clinton administration was handing out has stopped with the Trump administration. Trump is putting Americans first, and the Obama/Clinton administration and those before them were on the immigrants for profits and chaos program. Texas won’t be taking any funds out of their own pockets for illegals, and now making the move to cut funding. The results will be illegals seeking states with benefits.

The Illegal Immigration controversy is ridiculous. Liberals are overlooking MS-13 and the many criminals that are prospering due to Obama’s negligence. How many Americans have to die at the hands of illegals for lawmakers to take action? On the National level, there is the Trump Wall and we currently have beefed up security. But it’s hard to protect the whole border, illegals sneak in. And that’s why Texas is moving to stop making the area so hospitable for illegals.

Time to cut benefits for illegals and take care of the millions of homeless Americans!!!

Supporting illegal immigrants by a president who was and illegal himself, and never showed the people he was an American. The greatest lie that changed the history of a nation to suppont non citizens over citizens. Obama for immigrants and the destruction of America for the deep state and actions are now validating the “TRUTH.” How deep state kept winning in elections – Obama encouraging illegal immigrants to vote?

Illegal immigrants to sign up for Obamacare in California

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Americans without health care, put behind illegal immigrants??? ‘Beating Obamacare 2014’ author and former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey weighs in on illegal immigrants signing up for Obamacare in California.

Smith: Obama administration releasing criminal illegal immigrants by “tens of thousands” – TERROISTS PROBLEM IN AMERICA BY ILLEGAL PRESIDENT WHO SUPPORTED ILLEGALS OVER AMERICANS

What kind of actions is considered to be treason, crimes against humainty, or down right traitor??? Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX): “The major problem that we have with criminal aliens today – illegal immigrants convicted of serious crimes – is that the administration is releasing them by the tens of thousands and putting them back on our streets and in to our communities.”

According to crime data released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE, out of more than 30,000 criminal convictions associated with illegal immigrants in 2014, nearly 14,000 were convicted of driving under the influence. Homicides totaled more than 150. Nearly 8,500 were convicted on serious drug charges and more than 1,000 sexual offenses and assaults. In addition to these ICE releases, Congressman Smith says sanctuary cities violate a law he introduced nearly 20 years ago that local authorities must comply with the federal government when tracking down illegal immigrants.

“That 1996 law is being ignored by the administration and is being ignored by these sanctuary cities,” Smith said.



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