That time the U.S. shot down an Iranian passenger jet, killing 290 civilians (65 children), lied about it, and refused to apologize.

If you didn’t know about this, it puts the whole drone downing in a new light. As the host suggests, it’s as if Iran parked warships in the Gulf of Mexico and shot down an airliner leaving Miami. And then the US is 10 minutes away from starting a war with them for shooting down a drone. Unbelievable.

They were forced to pay reparations, but never [edit: formally] apologized.

In 1996, the governments of the United States and Iran reached a settlement at the International Court of Justice which included the statement “…the United States recognized the aerial incident of 3 July 1988 as a terrible human tragedy and expressed deep regret over the loss of lives caused by the incident…”[13] As part of the settlement, even though the U.S. government did not admit legal liability or formally apologize to Iran, it still agreed to pay US$61.8 million on an ex gratia basis, amounting to $213,103.45 per passenger, in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims.


h/t Aether-Ore