That’s How the West Abetted Hitler

by Chris Black

1921 – The great famine shook Bolshevik Russia. The USA sent Mr. Herberg Hoover (credited with saving more lives than any person who has ever lived) with $74 million (amounts to 1.2 billion in 2022) in relief.

1928 – The US industrialized Bolshevik Russia and changed Russian society from agrarian to industrial.

1930 – Americans built the Russian auto industry and steel industry at Gorky.

They’ve also built the world’s largest hydroelectric dam at the Dnieper River.

1933 – During the Ukrainian Holodomor, the USA sent relief but the Soviet regime stole the received goods. Approximately seven million Ukrainians starved to death.

1940 – The USA sent $11 billion (equal to $233 billion in 2022) in Lend Leases. Bell produced over 9000 P-39 Aircobra warbirds specifically for the needs of the Soviet air force.

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In total, the Soviets received over ten thousand war birds and several thousand tanks. Imports of oil, lubricants and spare parts were done through Iran (via “Stalingrad”). That’s the reason why Europeans needed to take the port city of Volgograd (ex-Stalingrad).

1966 – the USA sent the IBM equipment which was necessary for the Soviet rocketry program.

1972 – The USA built the world’s largest truck factory (Kamaz) at the Kama river, 500 miles east of Moscow.

The USA donated Hughes’s tools to make Soviet oil fields successful. They also gave away 164 professional machines for the production of ball bearings which the Soviets needed for ICBMs.

From 1983 until the collapse of the Soviet Union, American grain was sold to the Soviets at symbolic prices.

Without Americans, the Soviets would have starved to death.


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