The 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America

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Using the most up-to-date FBI crime data for the 2016 year (the 2017 year total crime data are still incomplete), Neighborhood Scout compiled a list of the 100 most dangerous cities in America with 25,000 or more people, based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Violent crimes include murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault.
For more information, see “How we rank the most dangerous cities in America”.

Here’s the list:

(100) Cincinnati, OH
(99) Lauderhill, FL
(98) Schenectady, NY
(97) Sanford, FL
(96) Huntsville, AL
(95) Eureka, CA
(94) Richmond, CA
(93) Jackson, TN
(92) New Haven, CT
(91) Tacoma, WA
(90) Salt Lake City, UT
(89) Canton, OH
(88) York, PA
(87) Salisbury, MA
(86) Baton Rouge, LA
(85) Newark, NJ
(84) Shreveport, LA
(83) Chelsea, MA(
(82) North Las Vegas, NV
(81) Port Huron, MI
(80) Pueblo, CO
(79) Wheeling, WV
(78) Salisbury, NC
(77) Modesto, CA
(76) Philadelphia, PA
(75) Dayton, OH
(74) Lima, OH
(73) South Bend, IN
(72) Miami Beach, FL
(71) Chattanooga, TN
(70) Muskogee, OK
(69) Springfield, MA
(68) Houston, TX
(67) Battle Creek, MI
(66) Wichita, KS
(65) Florence, SC
(64) Harrisburg, PA
(63) Brockton, MA
(62) Holyoke, MA
(61) Fall River, MA
(60) Lubbock, TX
(59) New Orleans, LA
(58) Goldsboro, NC
(57) Hartford, CT
(56) Tulsa, OK
(55) Chicago, IL
(54) Minneapolis, MN
(53) Beaumont, TX
(52) Buffalo, NY
(51) Atlanta, GA
(50) Albuquerque, NM
(49) Springfield, IL
(48) Anchorage, AK
(47) Compton, CA
(46) Lansing, MI
(45) Homestead, FL
(44) Niagara Falls, NY
(43) Toledo, OH
(42) Albany, GA
(41) Washington, DC
(40) Daytona Beach, FL
(39) East Point, GA
(38) Fort Myers, FL
(37) Kalamazoo, MI
(36) Pontiac, MI
(35) Gadsden, AL
(34) Jackson, MI
(33) Springfield, MO
(32) Trenton, NJ
(31) Lake Worth, FL
(30) Riviera Beach, FL
(29) Indianapolis, IN
(28) Stockton, CA
(27) Oakland, CA
(26) Newburgh, NY
(25) Saginaw, MI
(24) Little Rock, AR
(23) Elkhart, IN
(22) Milwaukee, WI
(21) Chester, PA
(20) Danville, IL
(19) Charleston, WV
(18) San Bernardino, CA
(17) Pine Bluff, AR
(16) Flint, MI
(15) Cleveland, OH
(14) Kansas City, MO
(13) Myrtle Beach, SC
(12) Rockford, IL
(11) Baltimore, MD
(10) West Memphis, AR
(9) Memphis, TN
(8) Alexandria, LA
(7) Wilmington, DE
(6) St. Louis, MO
(5) Detroit, MI
(4) Camden, NJ
(3) East St. Louis, IL
(2) Bessemer, AL
And the No. 1 Most Dangerous City in America is . . . .
(1) Monroe, LA: In 2000, the city had a population of 53,107 people. In 2010, 63.9% of Monroe’s population were black, 33.4% white, 1.05% Asian, and 1.01% Hispanic or Latino.
It would be interesting if someone can do the research to find out if this list correlates with how the cities voted in 2016 (blue or red), and the percentage of the city’s population who are black.

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6 thoughts on “The 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America

  1. Total BS…. I live in Sanford Fl and have lived in Ft. Myers Fl as well. You mean to say they are more dangerous than Shitcogo or Baltimore?

  2. Schenectady, NY was my home town growing up. When they wanted to clean up NYC they relocated parolees to smaller cities in the upstate. The parolees invited their criminal friends. Since then it’s turned into a s**t hole. Just like many other cities in the upstate.

  3. I did the research, and there’s always a satanic masonic “Jew” running the show wherever there’s corruption and a divided community.

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