The $400 Trillion Pension Crisis Can’t Be Bailed Out! Get Ready For MAJOR CUTBACKS!

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The year 2050 is factoring in continuous growth from now until then. Just imagine how it will be in reality! The pensions will not be able to keep up with their promises. Get ready for cutbacks!

Why isn’t this a bigger issue is the media? (Alternative media included)


The pension is is so overlooked and that’s such a big mistake. Financial advisors can’t help you. Those in charge of our systems can’t help you. We are on our own. Assume that the money you have paying year after year, has been evaporated and there will be nothing left for you. This is the reality that many should face today and not be surprised later down the road.


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Pensions time-bomb for world’s biggest economies could explode to $400 trillion, says WEF


Fed’s Kashkari: Wall Street ‘forgetting lessons of the 2008 crisis’ – Business Insider

ECB Is Said to See Scope to Wait for July to Signal End of QE – Bloomberg

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