The Absurdity of ‘A Day Without A Woman’

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Liberal lunatics displayed their vast ignorance and stupidity today by participating in a ‘movement’ called ‘A Day Without A Woman.’ This farce is currently taking place as you read this article; women are skipping work and refusing to spend money as a means of expressing their role in America. The rallies are occurring across America and unsurprisingly, the  participants are Democrat women. Conservative women of America actually have careers to build and cannot “skip work” and behave as petulant children.
‘A Day Without A Woman’ is a laughingstock because it is utterly pointless. American women have more rights than countless women across the globe. We can vote, attend school, drive, travel, buy guns, etc. Arguably, the rights of women exceed the rights of men. Women can have abortions regardless of whether or not the father wishes to keep the baby. In most court cases, women are granted custody of their children. This trumped up notion of oppressed American women is obscene. Women who truly view their rights are inferior to men’s rights should visit a country dominated by Sharia Law and experience what true oppression is. After that experience, they will beg for American liberties.


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‘A Day Without A Woman’ is an innate offshoot of the liberal victimhood mentality that is slowly, yet insidiously infecting America. For a group of people who claim to seek “empowerment,” left wing women sure do spend a plethora of time whining about how ‘oppressed’ they are. The left wing victimization fetish is a cancer to society and must not be allowed to contaminate the country.

All women who have skipped work to participate in ‘A Day Without A Woman’ rallies should be promptly fired. Their actions are inexcusable and unprofessional. Maybe if these women experience the unemployment line, cherish what they have instead of complaining about fictitious matters. As a conservative woman, I am appalled by my liberal counterparts. I completely disavow them, their ‘movement,’ and all that it stands for. They do not represent patriotic American women.